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Organize staff Beijing Tourism

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-21 16:40:19

In order to thank the staff for their hard work and effort, enrich their amateur life, to further enhance the cohesion and vitality of the organization, in mid June, employees of Shandong new century packing product Limited company of travel, the tourism destination in Beijing. Along the way, everybody laughing and talking. The "bird's nest" tour, and then the water cube to play, to go to Tiantan, the Imperial Palace, and second days to climb the Great Wall etc.. Employees bathed in the care of the new century, came here, with passion and passion, came here. 

Through tourism, employees not only opened the eyes more, increase their knowledge, let people benefit. Shandong new century packaging products Co., Ltd. all staff of the trip, but also to allow employees to temporarily put down their busy work, full rest and relaxation. Employees want to use this opportunity to understand each other more, deepen the friendship between colleagues, feel the development of the new century in Shandong.  








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